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Batting Glove Size Chart for Youth & Adults

In baseball or softball, having a good grip on your bat ensures you have both control and confidence at the plate. If you’re in the market for new batting gloves, measuring your hands for batting gloves is the first step to finding a pair that fits. Below, we provide a step-by-step guide, and batting glove size chart to help find a pair that fits you perfectly.

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Step 1: Use a tape measure or ruler to get a base measurement

Lay the palm of your dominant hand on a flat surface, palm side up, while ensuring your fingers are straight and pressed firmly together.

Then, using a tape measure or a ruler, measure up from the base of your palm, up to the tip of your middle finger.

Use the length you get from this exercise to determine your ideal batting glove size.

Most adult men’s gloves measure between 6 3/4″ to 8”, while women’s gloves between 5 3/4″ to 7″, and youth gloves between 5 1/2″ to 6 ½”.

Step 2: Refer to the batting glove hand sizing chart

Once done with step 1 above, refer to the batting glove hand sizing chart below to get the correct hand measurements.

A 6.5” measurement, for instance, means you’re likely looking at a small size in men’s, medium in women’s or an XL batting glove in youth.

X-Small6 3/4″ – 7″5 3/4″ – 6 1/4″5 1/2″ – 5 3/4″
Small6.75″ – 7″6 – 6 1/2″5 3/4″ – 6″
Medium7 1/4 – 7 1/2″6 1/2″ – 6 3/4″6″ – 6 1/4″
Large7 1/2″ – 7 3/4″6 3/4″ – 7″6 1/4″ – 6 1/2″
X-Large7 3/4″ – 8″7″ – 7 1/4″6 ½” – 7”
XX-Large8″ – 8 1/4″N/AN/A
All hand size measurements are in inches

Keep in mind that this chart serves as a general guide for most brands, but there may be slight variation between brands. Should you find a batting glove that is sized differently, it is likely that the manufacturer of that glove uses different sizing.

Step 3: Buy your glove and test it out

Once you’ve established the right glove size, it’s now time to get your glove! Once you do, bend, twist and flex your hand, fingers and wrists in every direction. A good fitting glove is form-fitting and feels snug, without restricting hand movement.

Test your gloves out with a bat in your hand, and swing it as you would in an in-game situation.

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