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Who Are the Best MLB Mascots?

The main reason to attend a Major League Baseball game is to watch the athletes compete and cheer for your favorite team. There are other factors the contribute to the enjoyment of the entire live game experience. One factor not overlooked is the team mascot. Some provide excellent entertainment throughout the game in the stands and on the field before the game and between innings. Let’s look at the best mascots in Major League Baseball.

Note that the ratings are based on a variety of factors, such as design, history, and relationship to the team and fans.

Top 10 Best MLB Mascots

10. Screech, Washington Nationals

It’s not a surprise that the Nationals went with the bald eagle as the mascot. Screech made his debut on April 17, 2005, and has a basic, yet attractive appearance with a screeching mouth, hence the origin of the name.  Four years later, Screech was designed to a slimmer look with a removable cap. In recent years, many traditions were centered around Screech, such as being judge of the team’s Presidents Race. In addition, he carries a flag across the field after victories. There is no way to leave USA’s national bird out of the top 10.

9. Multiple: Gapper/Rosie Red/Mr. Red/Mr. Redlegs, Cincinnati Reds

The Reds are the only team on the list with multiple mascots. They are unique in that they use all four equally as their primary mascot. Mr. Redlegs is a throwback from the dead-ball era. His wife, Rosie Red looks like she came from the 1950s. Mr. Red, the son, is a confident, bordering on arrogant-looking millennial. Gapper is vanilla and pretty much looks like any other nondescript furry creature. I’m not sure if any of the four make the top 10 individually, but are a group, they are innovative and entertaining and deserve a nod in the top 10.

8. Mariner Moose, Seattle Mariners

The Mariner Moose made his debut on April 13, 1990.  Although very simple in design, there’s no question that the Mariner Moose is a perfect fit geographically.  While the Mariners were still at the Kingdome, the Mariner Moose would rollerblade behind an ATV. Since moving to Safeco Field, he is now able to display his own ATV driving skills around the warning track. Ther Mariner Moose’s perfect fit for the regions and simple, yet polished look, land him in the top 10.

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7. Dinger, Colorado Rockies

During the construction of Coors Field, dinosaur fossils were found. The organization gets points for creating a dinosaur as their mascot. It’s not easy to create a mascot around the name “Rockies”, so basing their mascot off history of the region is remarkable. Dinger made his debut during the 1994 season. Children love the design, earning big points. He is a real pain in the neck to opposing pitchers, which also earns points just for the guts to harrass the opposition.

6. Baxter the Bobcat, Arizona Diamondbacks

Baxter the Bobcat made his debut on June 23, 2000, at Chase Field. He has become one of the most popular mascots in the league due to his interaction with the fans and crazy antics. He also does great work in the community, visiting schools, hospitals, appearing at over 400 locations a year. His name was a play on “DBacks” abbreviation and Bank One Ballpark. The Diamondbacks get huge points for creativity, landing Baxter the Bobcat just out of the top 5.

5. Lou Seal, San Francisco Giants

Lou Seal made his debut on July 25, 1996.  His look is sleek, cute, and adorable at the same time. In addition, he frequently changes costumes, adding to his appeal. A seal as a mascot makes sense when considering the San Francisco’s bayside location. Lou Seal frequently makes public appearances around the community and charity events.

4. Bernie Brewer, Milwaukee Brewers

Bernie Brewer made his debut in 1973 and cheered on the home team from a beer-barreled chalet. He Is famous for sliding down from a perch into a beer stein after every Brewers home run and win.  In 1984, the Brewers replace Bernie’s Chalet, putting him into retirement until 1993. Bernie Brewers distinguishing feature is a handlebar mustache resembling one worn by former Brewers pitcher and Hall of Famer Rollie Fingers. Berner Brewster could be the most liked mascot in any sport.

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3. Stomper the Elephant, Oakland Athletics

Stomper the elephant made his debut on April 2, 1997. He wears an Athletics jersey with number 00 and stands at 6’ 6”. His smile is funny, although borderline silly, but it works because that’s what a mascot is all about, creating fun and laughter. The name comes from a quote by John McGraw, who commented that Benjamin Shibe’s purchase of the Athletics was a “white elephant”. The Athletics adopted the elephant as the team mascot many decades later. The innovation alone deserves a spot in the top five.

2. Mr. Met. New York Mets

Mr. Met was first seen as a drawing in programs in 1963 and became the official team mascot a year later. Very basic in nature, Mr. Met wears a Mets’ uniform with a baseball head. Mr. Met features a warm smile and looks sincere. He reminds one of a family member who puts a smile on everyone’s face during the annual family gathering. Like the Mets or hate the Mets, it’s difficult not to like Mr. Met, which lands this longest tenured mascot at number two on this list.

1. Phillie Phanatic, Philadelphia Phillies

best MLB mascots

The Phillie Phanatic made his debut on April 25, 1978, and is arguably one of the best MLB mascots. He is a large, flightless bird, with a long nose and tongue. Hailing from the Galapagos Islands, the Phillie Phanatic is the poster boy for the popularity of sports mascots. He has entertained crowds with his dugout dances, fights (notably with former Dodgers’ manager Tom Lasorda), driving his ATV around the stadium, as well as making appearances on The Simpsons. In addition, the Phanatic was a charter member of the Mascot Hall of Fame.

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