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What Teams Have the Current Best MLB Jerseys?

The 2024 MLB season is just around the corner which means it’s soon time to see some of the best MLB jerseys in all their various styles and colors.

There was nothing better than seeing all the uniforms on display at one time during the All-Star game when players got to wear their team’s uniform during play. 

Here’s a run down of the best MLB jerseys we’ll see this year.

Top 10 Best MLB Jerseys

10.  Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox home jersey is white with red letters and numbers. It’s basic, but classic. The road uniforms in gray are even better looking, and the alternate red or navy jerseys are just as impressive.

Red uniforms in general are among the most appealing in the league and the Red Sox have mastered the look.

While not as good as some of the top uniforms in the league, the Red Sox look is very solid and worthy of the top 10.

9. Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pirates’ uniforms with the old block font lettering were solid, but the script-style letting takes their jerseys to a new level.

They get bonus points for matching the color scheme to that of the teams in the city, the Steelers of the NFL, and the Penguins of the NHL.

The moment your eyes hit the jersey, you instantly know which team is represented, just by the colors alone.

That is how a look is nailed and is why the Pirates are in the top ten best MLB jerseys.

8. Atlanta Braves

The Braves have one of the top road uniforms in MLB. The gray jersey combines well with the red and navy letting and numbers with an undeniably unique script logo.

As nice as the road uniforms are, the alternative red and navy are just as stunning, rivaling any in the game.

The home uniforms in white are a solid, clean look, but not as spectacular.

A better home look would vault the Braves into the top five, but they still have a very high-quality set of uniforms.

7. Los Angeles Dodgers

What makes the Dodgers home uniforms stand out is the red number on the front under the cursive font Dodgers across the chest.

The blue name and number on the back of the white jersey is a super clean look. The road uniforms feature a gray jersey, and although simplistic in nature, are visually appealing.

The all-blue uniforms don’t cut it, but fortunately, they are used infrequently.

All-in-all, you can’t go wrong with the combinations the Dodgers use on their uniforms.

6. Philadelphia Phillies

The red pinstripes on the home jersey are a great, throwback look and the road grays are solid. Neither alone would put the Phillies higher than the top ten.

What stands out are the baby blue jerseys. This takes us back to the days when Mike Schmidt was manning the hot corner and Steve Carlton was mowing down opponents with his devastating slider.

The alternate with the two-colored hats are unique and stunning. The overall collection puts the Phillies just outside the top five.

5. San Francisco Giants

The Giants stand out as the only team with an off-white uniform. They feature a variety of looks, all of which are fantastic.

There’s the orange, which is done much better than the Astros. The grey is better than most, however, the black is less impressive but still has a solid occasional look.

The Giants should add a throwback jersey to the mix, which could vault them into the top three.

4. Oakland Athletics

There’s no question that the road gray uniforms, the dark green alternate uniforms, and the whites are all stunning.

They could be at the very top of this list had it not been for the more subdued, more mediocre look of the light green alternatives. 

What stands out are the white cleans worn with the home uniforms. The cursive green font outlined in yellow is a sensational, almost mesmerizing look.

The entire set is nearly perfect, except for the light green alternatives.

3. Chicago Cubs

There is nothing that compares to seeing the Cubs’ blue pinstripes playing at iconic Wrigley Field on a Sunday afternoon.

The large ‘C’ on the front of the uniform says it all. It’s unique and there is no question what team this refers to, particularly the blue alternatives with the bear walking through it.

The road gray uniforms are simple, yet sleek and clean. It’s difficult not to put them at the top, but the Cubs uniforms fall just shy of the icons at one and two.

2. St. Louis Cardinals

The Cardinals set of uniforms is nearly perfect in every way. There are zero complaints about the home whites from the cursive Cardinals to the baseball bat with a cardinal perched on each end.

The road jerseys have the same look with the exception of gray color. The cream alternates and is magnificent and the baby blues are even a tad better than the Phillies’ iconic baby blues.

1. New York Yankees

The Cardinals uniforms aren’t number one in large part because the Yankees’ uniform is the most iconic in all of sports.

I have a great appreciation for all pinstripe uniforms but the Yankees are just at another level. Let’s face it. Very little has changed in their appearance since Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig were creating memorable moments.

The road uniforms have no names on the back, which is a bold, but fantastic throwback look. The only thing the Yankees could add is an alternate jersey in black or navy, but that is extreme nitpicking.

The Yankees uniforms stand head and shoulders above the rest, and are our #1 best MLB jersey.

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