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10 Best Dominican Baseball Players in 2024 & All-Time

Baseball continues to evolve as the game as a whole continues to grow all around the world. One location that continues to develop all-star calibre players is the Dominican Republic, with a long history of develop big time Major League Baseball players.

This list includes the cream of the crop in all of Major League Baseball in 2024 that is headlined by the likes of Juan Soto who ranks among the best players in all of baseball. As Soto continues to put together a potential Hall of Fame resume the three time MLB All-Star is slowing climbing up the ranks of the all-time best Dominican Republic baseball players alongside Albert Pujols.

Pujols, who put together a storied career while retiring at the end of the 2022 MLB Season, did it all during his time in the Majors while consistently ranking among the best players in the game. As his career wrapped up after last season, Pujols walked away the game with a long list of accolades and a strong resume that will one day land him in Cooperstown with other MLB greats.

Joining Soto is his teammate Manny Machado, Toronto Blue Jays first baseman Vladimir Guerrero Jr, Seattle Mariners center fielder Julio Rodriguez, and the Boston Red Sox third baseman Rafael Devers.

Continue reading on to learn more about the best baseball players from the Dominican Republic.

5 Best Dominican Baseball Players in 2024

1. Juan Soto – San Diego Padres (Left Fielder)

Looking ahead at the 2024 MLB Season, Juan Soto of the San Diego Padres headlines the best Dominican baseball players in the game today.

The soon to be 25 year old left fielder is as good of a hitter as any in the game while having great vision and patience at the plate.

Soto who made his MLB debut back during the 2018 MLB season, has racked up 160 home runs since than while taking home three All-Star selections, won one World Series Championship, and won one NL batting title.

The Padres All-Star is coming of another solid season after batting .275 with 35 home runs while driving in 109 runs across 162 games played. In addition, Soto picked up 132 walks, stole 12 bases, and scored 97 runs.

The 35 home runs marked the second time in his young career topping the 30 home run mark.

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2. Manny Machado – San Diego Padres (Third Baseman)

Landing just behind his San Diego Padres teammates among the list of the best Dominican baseball players is Manny Machado.

Machado who has represented the Dominican Republic in the World Baseball Classic will enter the upcoming season at just 31 years old.

The former Baltimore Orioles shortstop and third baseman continues to have one of the better gloves among all third baseman while continuing to push towards a potential run at 500 career home runs. Coming off his sixth 30 plus home run season, Machado has 313 career home runs and 944 runs batted in.

In addition to the 30 home runs this season over just 138 games, Machado added 21 doubles, 91 runs batted in, and 75 runs scored.

3. Vladimir Guerrero Jr – Toronto Blue Jays (First Baseman)

Continuing to follow in his fathers footsteps, Vladimir Guerrero Jr continues to be a fan favorite with the Toronto Blue Jays as well as one of the games top hitting first baseman.

Fresh off his third straight AL All-Star team selection, Guerrero will look to get the Blue Jays back in the MLB playoffs next season after an early exit during the 2023 MLB Playoffs.

Despite the early exit it is hard to look down on another strong season from Guerrero Jr as he reached 130 career home runs all before turning 25 years old.

The Blue Jays first baseman finished off the season with a .264 batting average while picking up 159 hits over 602 at bats.

Among those 159 hits, Guerrero Jr racked up 30 doubles and 26 home runs while also driving in 94 runs and scoring 78 runs.

Over the past three seasons, Guerrero Jr has picked up 106 of his 130 home runs.

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4. Julio Rodriguez – Seattle Mariners (Center Fielder)

The fresh young Dominican baseball player joining the ranks among the best in the game is the Seattle Mariners center fielder Julio Rodriguez.

Rodriguez who is coming off his first full season in the big leagues posted his first 30 plus home run season (32), first 100 runs batted in season (103), first 30 plus double season (37) and first 100 runs scored season (102). The season for many first continues to add to the 22 year old center fielders young resume.

In addition to those numbers Rodriguez added 37 stolen bases, batted .275 at the plate, and posted a 5.3 Win Above Replacement (WAR) mark.

Rodriguez who will enter the 2024 MLB season at 23 years old has also added two straight trips to the All-Star game, one Silver Slugger Award, and an AL Rookie of the Year Award.

5. Rafael Devers – Boston Red Sox (Third Baseman)

Rounding out the 5 Best Dominican Baseball players in 2024 is the Boston Red Sox third baseman Rafael Devers.

Devers is another stellar young player who has put up big time numbers since arriving at the Major League level. The Red Sox third baseman finished off the 2023 MLB season with 33 home runs, 34 doubles, 90 runs scored, and 100 runs batted in.

Despite posting just a .271 batting average, Devers managed to pick up an .851 OPS and .351 on base percentage while also working 62 walks on the season.

Over the past four full seasons minus the shortened pandemic season, Devers has hit at least 32 home runs in three of those four full seasons.

Entering the 2024 MLB season Devers will be just 27 years old while compiling a resume to include 172 career home runs and 555 runs batted in all with the Red Sox.

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5 Best Dominican Baseball Players All Time

1. Albert Pujols – St. Louis Cardinals, Los Angeles Angels & Los Angeles Dodgers

The long time St. Louis Cardinals and Los Angeles Angels All-Star is a sure shot first ballot Hall of Famer while finishing as one of the most accomplished Dominican baseball players of All Time.

After returning to the Cardinals to finish out his MLB career, Pujols walks away from the game as an 11 time MLB All-Star, three time NL MVP, and two time World Series Champion.

In addition to those accolades Pujols won the 2001 NL Rookie of the Year, two Gold Glove Awards, and racked up 703 career home runs. This list of addition accolades go on while the future Hall of Famer also added 3,384 career hits, posted a career .296 batting average to go along with 2,218 runs batted in.

Pujols could do it all at the plate whether it be hit for a strong batting average for the better half of the start of his career to hitting at least 30 home runs in 13 seasons including 12 straight to start his career.

It is hard to look past Pujols as possible the best Dominican to play baseball.

2. Pedro Martinez- Los Angeles Dodgers, Montreal Expos, Boston Red Sox, New York Mets & Philadelphia Phillies

Making a strong run at the top spot alongside Albert Pujols is Hall of Fame starting pitcher Pedro Martinez. Martinez, one of the best pitchers of his generation, was as dominant as any pitcher in the history of the game all while pitching in what is considered to be the steroid era of baseball.

In the end, it didn’t matter, as Martinez racked up a career record of 219 wins and 100 losses while posting a career 2.93 earned run average while striking out 3,154 batters.

His success on the mound helped the Boston Red Sox win the World Series during the 2004 MLB season while breaking the curse of the bambino.

In addition to one World Series Championship, Martinez took home three Cy Young Awards, won the Triple Crown for pitchers, made eight MLB All-Star teams, and led all of baseball in earned run average in five different MLB seasons.

3. Vladimir Guerrero Sr – Montreal Expos, Los Angeles Angels, Texas Rangers & Baltimore Orioles

Long before Vladimir Guerrero Jr began making his name as one of the fresh young faces of Major League Baseball, Vladimir Guerrero Sr was doing the same thing while becoming one of the best players in the game as well as one of the best to play the game from the Dominican Republic.

Guerrero Sr was as free of swinger as the game has ever seen but a player who could hit nearly anything thrown his way. This was showcased over the course of his MLB career while eventually finishing it off with a career .318 batting average.

The nine time MLB All-Star and eight time Silver Slugger Award Winner won one AL MVP Award and was elected to the 2018 Baseball Hall of Fame.

Over his career Vladdy Sr racked up 2,590 career hits to go along with 449 home runs and 1,496 runs batted in.

4. David Ortiz – Minnesota Twins & Boston Red Sox

Another storied career of a great Boston Red Sox belongs to David Ortiz who goes down among the greats from the Dominican Republic.

Ortiz might have been one of the biggest steals of all time for the Red Sox after the Minnesota Twins released the future Hall of Famer over contract concerns.

After that the storybook career would be written, as Ortiz would go on to make 10 AL All-Star teams, win three World Series Championships, win a World Series MVP Award, and eventually become a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Over his career, Ortiz would go on to bat .286 with 2,472 career hits, 541 home runs while driving in 1,768 total runs.

Ortiz remains one a household name around the game, and continues to earn praise as one of the best to play the game.

5. Juan Marichal – San Francisco Giants, Boston Red Sox & Los Angeles Dodgers

Juan Marichal was one of the first big names to make it to the Majors while also being elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame pitcher pitched to a career 2.89 earned run average while winning 243 total games to just 142 total losses. Over his career the long time San Francisco Giants starter struck out 2,303 hitters, pitched one no-hitter, led all of Major League Baseball in earned run average in 1969 and led the NL twice in wins. 

While Marichal was no saint and had some issues on the field, his actual abilities on the mound rank among the best of his generation.

In addition, Marichal added six different seasons with at least 20 wins while also pitching to an earned run average below 2.50. Marichal continues to rank among the best Dominican pitchers of all time.

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