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10 Best College Baseball Uniforms

From the Ole Miss Rebels baseball team to the Tulane Green Wave, unique color combinations, designs, and overall aesthetics play a part it comes to choosing the top 10 below. As the saying goes, we like what we like – Please note that our picks are subjective, as often, these sorts of choices often boil down to personal preferences.

Bright bold colors, traditional, and throwbacks – here are 20 college teams known for their stylish and iconic uniforms:

Best College Baseball Uniforms

1. Ole Miss Rebels, University of Mississippi

Landing at the top of the list is the Ole Miss. While the Rebels aren’t typically known for their baseball program, their baseball uniforms rank among the coolest college baseball uniforms in all of college.

Ole Miss wrapped up the 2022 NCAA Baseball Season with a 42-23 record before winning the 2022 Men’s College World Series.

2. Tulane Green Wave, Tulane University

Just missing the top spot is the Tulane Green Waves.

While the Green Wave struggled on the field last season the team has had a solid program, in addition to having some of the coolest college baseball uniforms among all programs.

Overall, the Green Wave finished with a 33-26-1 record last season while going 2-2 in the post season.

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3. North Carolina Tar Heels, University of North Carolina

The North Carolina Tar Heels have had some of the best uniforms for years, with their basketball jerseys ranking among the best as well.

That said the Tar Heels baseball uniforms are solid while the team itself finished last season ranked 12th in the country with an overall 42-22 record.

4. Oklahoma State Cowboys, Oklahoma State University

If you’re looking for bold flashy and stylish, look no further as the Oklahoma State Cowboys.

The Cowboys bold orange jerseys stand among the best, with their pinstripe uniforms a close second.

The Cowboys finished last season ranked 9th in the country after finishing the season with a 42-22 overall record.

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5. Notre Dame Fighting Irish, University of Notre Dame

It is hard to look past the all blue Notre Dame Fighting Irish baseball uniforms with gold lettering, gold batting helmets, and gold logo hats.

The Fighting Irish baseball team finished last season with a 41-17 overall record before losing to the Texas A&M Aggies in the College World Series.

6. Maryland Terps, University of Maryland

Over the past years the Maryland Terps have seen their basketball and football jerseys feature among the best sports uniforms in college sports.

Under Armour has surely taken steps to make sure they have looked great on the field and court, with the baseball team not forgotten.

Not only looking good, the Terps were impressive last season finished the season with an 48-14 overall record.

7. Michigan Wolverines, University of Michigan

It is hard to pick just one of the Michigan Wolverines baseball jerseys as they all look great.

The Wolverines finished 5th in the Big Ten last season after posting an 12-12 conference record and an overall 34-26 record.

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8. Miami Hurricanes, University of Miami

The “U” or otherwise known as the Miami Hurricanes have had some of the best College Baseball uniforms for some time.

The Hurricanes finished last season ranked 22nd in the country after posting a 40-20 record.

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9. LSU Tigers, Louisiana State University

It is hard to find another baseball uniform better than the LSU Tigers Championship Yellow uniforms. These uniforms rank among the best baseball uniforms in college baseball. To add to that the Tigers baseball team finished last season ranked 25th in the country after going 40-22 on the season.

10. Texas Longhorns, University of Texas at Austin

In at number 10 on the Best college baseball uniforms list is the Texas Longhorns.

While their football uniforms stand out and is the front and center of their sports teams, their baseball program has been solid over the years as well.

The Longhorns finished last season with an 47-22 record before losing to the Texas A&M Aggies during the College World Series in Omaha.

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