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10 Best Baseball Logos of All Time

The history of baseball, including Major League Baseball, continues to be written from one year to the next, from the names of the teams on the front of the baseball jerseys to the players’ names on the back. 

As baseball has evolved over the years, so have many of the teams in Major League Baseball, including the jerseys they wear and the MLB logos and MLB mascots represented by those teams.

MLB logos are not just a symbol of the team, but a great MLB logo is a statement to the city and state they are featured in while being an iconic part of what the fans of that team can root for. 

Read on to learn what makes an MLB team the best and what the 10 Best MLB Logos are in 2024.

10 Best Baseball Logos

Every Major League Baseball fan, MLB player, and member of the MLB organization has a preference over what MLB logos they like. While debating the best one can be exhausting, it can also be fun for everyone. Here is a look at the 10 best baseball logos in 2024.

1. Milwaukee Brewers – Glove formed by “M” and “B” Letters

The Milwaukee Brewers feature one of the most unique and iconic team logos of all time. The Brewers incorporate the letters “M” and “B” from Milwaukee and Brewers to form what looks to be a baseball glove. New fans may miss it initially, but combining the ‘M’ and the ‘B’ to form a glove is pretty neat. 

2. New York Yankees – Primary Logo featuring “Yankees” script & Baseball Bat Forming “K” with hat

The New York Yankees are one of the most iconic teams of all time in Major League Baseball and one of the most recognized teams worldwide.

While the simple Yankees hat logo featuring the “N” and “Y” is one of the most iconic hat logos, the team’s primary logo features the baseball bat running through the letter “K” with the famous top red, white, and blue top hat on top is one of the best logos in baseball.

3. New York Mets – Primary Logo featuring Baseball W/Orange Laces & New York City Backdrop

Over the years, the New York Mets have had some great team logos, including the Mets script logo and one of the top mascots, Mr. Met.

The Met’s primary logo incorporates a baseball design with orange laces while featuring the Met’s script logo in front of what looks to be a backdrop of New York City and the Queensboro Bridge.

4. Philadelphia Phillies – Primary log featuring Liberty Bell with “Phillies” Script Logo in Front

Whether it was the Philadelphia Phillies “P” logo featured on their baseball hats or the “Phillies” script logo featuring stars as part of each of the two “I” letters, the Phillies have some great logos.

However, the Phillies logo that lands among the best MLB team logos incorporates the Liberty Bell with the “Phillies” script logo, which manages to beat out older baseball teams.

5. Baltimore Orioles – Cartoon Oriole Bird Face with “O’s” Script on Hat

Another team that has had some great team logos over the years has been the Baltimore Orioles, including their round alternate logo that incorporated the Maryland State Flag and the Cartoon Oriole Bird swinging a baseball bat.

The current primary logo features the hat-wearing cartoon Bird design with cursive O’s lettering on the hat and fantastic orange and black contrast coloring. 

6. Atlanta Braves – “Braves” Script with Tomahawk below Lettering

The Atlanta Braves have been a powerhouse of the National League since the early 1990s, and their team logos have been some of the most popular within the sport.

The team’s current alternate logo incorporates two tomahawks with a round ring and the team name “Atlanta Braves” featured inside.

However, the Brave’s primary logo, with the “Braves” script and a Tomahawk just below it, is one of the best logos in sports. Here is a look at the Atlanta Braves team logo.

7. Toronto Blue Jays – Cartoon Blue Jay Outlined Design

Ranking among baseball’s most popular team logos is not just one bird-related logo, as the Toronto Blue Jays join the Baltimore Orioles and St. Louis Cardinals.

The current 2023 MLB logo features an outline Cartoon Style design of a Blue Jay while incorporating a large red maple leaf to the right of the Blue Jay to denote the team’s Canadian heritage. 

8. Cleveland Guardians – “G” Style Superhero Logo with Wings & Baseball

One of the newer team logos among the best logos in baseball is the Cleveland Guardians logo featuring the letter “G” in red with white wings in between a baseball, resembling the exact grip used to throw a split-finger fastball.

Superhero fans probably like it as it resembles a logo you might find with a superhero. Here is a look at the Cleveland Guardians team logo.

9. St. Louis Cardinals – “Cardinals’ Script Holding a Cardinal Sitting on Baseball Bat

The Baltimore Orioles and Toronto Blue Jays are not the only other birds to land among the best logos in baseball. The St. Louis Cardinals join the list while having one of the most iconic team logos in the history of baseball.

One of the oldest teams in baseball, the Cardinals, incorporates the “Cardinals Script” while the letter “C” holds a yellow baseball bat with a cardinal sitting upon it.

The logo resembles the history of the Cardinals, while greats such as Stan Musial and Albert Pujols have worn versions of the logo. Here is a look at the St. Louis Cardinals team logo.

10. Los Angeles Angels – “A” Script Letter with a Halo Ring Around Top of “A”

Rounding out the 10 best baseball logos in 2024 is the Los Angeles Angels team logo featuring an Angels Halo.

The Angeles incorporates the “A” letter script with Angels Halo around the top of the “A.” While other teams, such as the Chicago White Sox and Detroit Tigers, made a run for the list, both are strong logos falling just below the Angels on the list.

Over the years, the Angels have used various designs of this logo with the letter “A” featuring the Angel’s Halo. Here is a look at the Los Angeles Angels team logo.


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